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We’re right off I-40 in East Asheville! We’re located at 1275 Tunnel Road, Asheville NC 28805. Click HERE for a map of our location. You can find us most easily off of exit 55 from I-40, taking a left on RT. 70. We’re about a mile up the road on the left.


Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

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Our Staff

Our staff for both hospitals is listed here, as each employee is capable of working both our East and South locations. All of our staff members are technically trained in order to facilitate a patient’s care in a careful and expedient manner. Both hospitals and their staff members have contributed generously to the Asheville Humane Society’s recent education and adoption center as well as to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, the latter of which is responsible for providing aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina as well as other rescue organizations locally and statewide.


Dr. Tom B. Kuhn, BS, DVM

2013 North Carolina Veterinarian of the Year

Dr. Tom Kuhn

Dr. Tom Kuhn is a second generation Veterinarian, having grown up as part of a military family in the west and southeast. His father graduated from the University of Washington, receiving his DVM degree from Washington State University as well as a Masters of Public Health from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Kuhn earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and graduated from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine with high honors. He served as the 2016-2017 President of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association.

In 1981, Dr. Kuhn and his wife, Dr. Margaret Kuhn, founded Animal Hospital East and in 1999 opened their second clinic, Animal Hospital South. They have three children. Both doctors are committed to their church and enjoy participating in community outreach and educational programs.  Outside of the practice Dr. Kuhn enjoys boating, reading, hiking and singing in the church choir.

In his daily clinical practice Dr. Kuhn has a special interest and advanced training in ultrasonography, knee surgery, dentistry, and pain management. Dr. Kuhn has received the prestigious 2013 North Carolina Veterinarian of the Year award from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association.

Pictured with him is Tank, the Animal Hospital East community kitty. Tank tries to be good most of the time.

Dr. Margaret A. Kuhn, BS, DVM, MA

Dr. Margaret Kuhn also graduated with honors from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to veterinary school, Dr. Margaret Kuhn completed her undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech with a degree in biochemistry.

She interned with Dr. Clint Lowry, a prior surgery professor from the University of Georgia, gaining valuable experience with multiple surgeries as well as emergency care.

Dr. Margaret Kuhn has raised three children and maintained expertise in small animal surgery. She is also involved in the management of both of her hospitals. Margaret is an accomplished ballet dancer and holds a Master’s degree from Duke University. While at Duke, she completed extensive coursework in animal ethics and wrote her thesis on the animal-human relationship.

Interestingly, Dr. Margaret Kuhn is a eighth generation resident of western North Carolina with roots in Hot Springs, Waynesville, Black Mountain, and Asheville. Both of her parents are graduates of UNC Chapel Hill.

Dr. Margaret Kuhn is also the proud parent of three beautiful horses, Jobono, Buttons and Sparkle. She is pictured here with Tuck, her beloved friend and companion who has recently passed.

Dr. Josh Von Szalatnay, BS, DVM

Dr. Josh von Szalatnay received his undergraduate degree in biology from the College of Charleston with high honors, followed by a veterinary degree from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
Dr. von Szalatnay has devoted much of his time and expertise to the welfare of homeless animals as well as extensive participation with Remote Area Medical, an organization devoted to rural medical and veterinary care.

Dr. von Szalatnay has a unique interest in international veterinary medicine evidenced by his participation in externships in Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. He speaks many languages and, according to him, some are spoken better than others!

He is an avid kayaker and spends much of his free time on the local creeks and rivers. He is the recipient of the prestigious Global Citizen Award given by the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. He is pictured here with Sensi MacEachern, a visiting friend!

Dr. Joseph Korn BS, DVM

A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Joe Korn spent his high school years in Israel, enjoying the warm weather and swimming in the Mediterranean.  He met his wife at this young age but was not yet aware of the later connection!  He graduated from Berea College in Kentucky majoring in biology and agriculture.  Post college he returned to Israel to work on a kibbutz, deciding to apply to veterinary school.  He graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  His early years in practice took place in an “All Creatures Great and Small” practice in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, close to Berea College.   

Dr. Korn took the road less traveled to Togo, West Africa to provide veterinary care as well as education under the auspices of a non-profit organization.  Having spent five years in Africa, he and his family moved back to the States to Louisville, Kentucky practicing small animal medicine and surgery before departing for a thirteen year move to Israel.  There he worked in small animal practice while also participating in a forty-doctor country wide dairy and large animal practice. 

Having taken a lifetime circuitous route in veterinary medicine, Dr. Korn and his family landed back in California, purchasing his own small animal practice in Anderson, California.  He and his wife have since taken up residence in East Asheville, close to their daughter.  His son lived in Niger, West Africa and has recently located to Michigan. 

Compassion, empathy, and care for others, is apparent from the many faceted and fascinating career in veterinary medicine Dr. Korn has experienced.  We could not be more pleased he is associated with Animal Hospital East! 

He and his family appreciate the ethereal mountain beauty as well as the close community.  They share their home with their doggies, Annie and Rocky, as well as their kitties, Jake and Jazzy.  Asheville is now their forever home! 


Dr. Donna Wilson, BS, DVM

A young girl’s grandparents raised collies. From that experience Dr. Donna Wilson understood the care and attention needed when one brings an animal into the household. Born in Ohio, her family lived in Kentucky and Indiana. She attended Murray State University graduating with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Animal Science. She was quickly accepted into the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine graduating with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to graduation she spent her preceptorship in Erwin, Tennessee, on the border of Western North Carolina.

Post-graduation, Dr. Wilson interned with a high-volume small animal clinical practice in Indiana. While there, she reminisced the time spent in Eastern Tennessee. Since this was a short drive to Asheville, she was immediately taken with the enchantment of one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world and knew she would make her home in this area.

Dr. Wilson worked with an Asheville regional emergency small animal hospital for several years gaining valuable expertise in critical care. After many long nights of shepherding patients to their best health, she opened a small animal practice of her own. She is understanding of the strong relationship we humans have with our animal companions.

We are thankful Dr. Wilson has joined Animal Hospital East. Her joyful and gentle nature is immediately calming to pets as well as to their guardian caretakers.

After a day at the hospital, she can be found hiking with her husband on the land surrounding their home. She enjoys gardening and then carefully preparing the yield in her kitchen. She loves to cook!

When the family comes home, Butters is ready to meow. Orange and happy, he is always a welcome sight!






Vickie, Chief Nurse

Vickie has been with Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South immediately following her graduation from UNC Asheville. Vickie holds a BA in Biology and she received every scholastic honor given through the university. She enjoys the fast pace of our hospitals and is a master of organization. You can count on Vickie to know what is on the agenda and the status of all our hospitalized patients. If you have a question she is pleased to be of assistance. She is pictured here with Fanny.

Brenda, RVT, Fear Free Certified

Brenda knew in elementary school what she wanted to be when she grew up, a veterinary technician.  A native of Asheville, her parents and family encouraged her academic studies. Brenda is living her dream now as she has matriculated in Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College Veterinary Medical Technology program.

Brenda has expertise with handling kitties.  She has had feline companions in the home as long as she can remember.  

Pappa is her forever friend always lending a playful paw!  Brenda is pictured with Pappa.  

Macy, RVT, Fear Free Certified

Macy initially began her career in occupational therapy.  But something happened and she felt the “pull” calling her to care for animals not able to care for themselves.

Always known as the “goat girl,” Macy raised a little goat named Fergie.  Fergie was a very sweet goat but under Macy’s care, Fergie grew quite large and eventually had to find a larger pasture.  Macy’s mother, who Macy credits with all the good lessons in life, taught her the value of providing care to animals in need.  Macy, along with her mother, have fostered geriatric animals, rehabilitated one eyed doggies, as well as squirrel and raccoon injuries.  Macy’s family cared for a little bit of everything under their roof!

Macy is an accomplished graduate of the Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College Veterinary Medical Technology program.  She has experience with large animals since her uncle operates a cattle farm, but once she adopted TheaJean, her sweet Jack Russell, she knew she would develop her skills in small animal medicine, more specifically in surgery.  She is already way ahead with that goal in mind!  

Macy loves arriving for her day at the Animal Hospital East where everyone says “Good morning!”  The  Animal Hospital East staff create a good vibe where she feels the positive energy.  She appreciates the mentoring from doctors as well as from her colleagues.  We are so appreciative she has chosen Animal Hospital East to support her goal of becoming the best at her profession.

Away from the hospital Macy and her boyfriend do quite a bit of hiking on the East side of Buncombe County.  They are both interested in the local wildlife and have a wildlife night camera to document the paths animals take when most of the world is dark and asleep.  

In addition to TheaJean, Bojack, a Catahoula Hound, and a kitty named Apollo live peacefully together under Macy’s care.


Alexis, RVT in training

Bio to come

Hannah, RVT in training

Bio to come

Practice Managers

Mindy, In-House Technician

Mindy has lived in North Carolina all of her life. She has worked for Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South since she was sixteen years of age. Mindy shares her home with three dogs – Patton, BB, and Rosey.

Mindy can answer any question you might have concerning patient or client care. Mindy enjoys shopping and spending time with her husband Ross, her children Coleson, Charlee, and Bladen, family and friends. She is pictured with Patton.

Client Care

Amy, In-House Technician

Amy is a long time staff member who has been with Animal Hospital East for greater than 25 years. Amy is married to Bill and has a son William, who plays a mean round of golf and a young daughter Peyton, who is “already heading to veterinary school.”

Amy enjoys her three kitties, Jackson, Tiger, and Smokey, who think they possess a healthy amount of clout within the family household! She also enjoys reading, photography, and spending time with her family. She is pictured here with Wynni who has since passed, but Amy keeps her fondly in her heart.

Ask Amy anything about Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South because she knows everything!


Rebecca had a wish to be a part of the Animal Hospital East patient care group after having been a client for many years with her two canine companions, Jasmine and Kane, who have since passed away. She was acquainted with Amy and Mindy, two women who have created a loving and safe environment for all patients entering the hospital.

Rebecca spent five years in Hawaii with her husband Corey, an army combat medic. The awesome “fun in the sun” ended when both Rebecca and Corey decided to come home to family in their native Asheville.

Rebecca managed an Enmark store for ten years which kept her busy with an incredible amount of clerical tasks as well as on site management.

Along came Phoenix, the couple’s beautiful son, and a change in heart for Rebecca’s future employment. Rebecca is usually caring for patients but she can also be found in the front office at times. She has also made herself available as the Night Nurse should she be needed.

What is most satisfying to Rebecca is to see a sick patient make that long journey home to his or her pet parents! Chilling out for movie night is a marvelous time together for Rebecca and her family. Rebecca is pictured here with Django. Django also has to share his home with Crimson. Sometimes Django does not like sharing!!


Jessica is a traveler. Actually, she is considered a Most Traveled Person. She is also an Asheville native. She and her husband and son set goals to experience our world in a more thoughtful way. Since her grandmother is from Morocco, and there were many sisters and brothers, Jessica always has someone to visit somewhere!

Jessica has always cared deeply for animals as shown by her employment in an area pet store following graduation. She was responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of numerous animals and fish as well as completing hourly checks and wellness cards.

She was involved with Forever Friend adoptions as well as a foster program enabling her to understand the plight of animals who are homeless.

Jessica uses her knowledge of fish, small animals, birds, and reptiles, to enhance her work at Animal Hospital East. She is impressed with the attention to detail in the front office. She loves Animal Hospital East and says it is her “forever job!” We are thankful Jessica has chosen Animal Hospital East for her career.

Abel, Jessica’s sweet doggie, is happiest when she comes home. He was adopted and it appears he is living his best life ever!

Patient Care


Vanessa has consistently shown to always be helpful in all ways possible.  That is because she loves what she does, caring for pets who come in the Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South.  

Vanessa is enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Asheville working toward her degree.  We are fortunate she has joined our team consisting of state of the art skill as well as compassionate care!

Catherine, RVT, Fear Free Certified

Catherine has been with Animal Hospital East for a very long time, actually since she was a young adult. It has been in excess of sixteen years.

Catherine has always been a go-to person when it comes to questions regarding any and all patient care. She began her early work life with Animal Hospital East while she was enrolled in the Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College Veterinary Medical Technology Program. Upon graduation she was involved with all aspects of clinical small animal medicine and surgery.

Catherine matriculated at University of North Carolina Asheville and received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History. She wrote her thesis on Walton Ford’s unique animal paintings and how they reflect our human behavior in a complex symbolic manner.

Catherine has always had a variety of pets. She has had many cats and dogs as well as goats, two pet steers, and a cow. She is particularly keen as to how animals relate and respond to humans.

We are grateful Catherine has chosen Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South to provide care and attention to each patient.

She is pictured with Earl, her only canine companion among a bevy of cats and goats! We think Earl enjoys being Catherine’s Top Dog!

Every end of workday Catherine tells each patient in the hospital “I love you.” We believe that is indeed very special!


Bio to come!


Bio to come!


Bio to come!


Our Facilities

The facilities of Animal Hospital East are some of the best in the business. Our locations and equipment provide a comfortable enviroment for our clients with top-notch care for your pets. See our photos section for pictures of each location.